LIVE: Laveda & Architrave @ Desperate Annie’s (Super Dark Monday), 07/12/2021


The room is packed.  You can barely move, and yet everywhere people are dancing.  Some are packed in front nodding their heads to the entrancing rhythms of the band, in the middle and the back folks are downright boogying in whatever space they can.  The music is loud.  People are screaming cheers, screaming to be heard over it, booze is flowing, giant smiles and badass smirks grace dozens of faces around you…

We’re back baby!

First of all, Super Dark Mondays are back!  It’s been a long time since the pandemic forced us all inside, watching old videos or some remote views of bands playing empty clubs.  But now, officially with multiple months already booked and hanging on signs everywhere, Super Dark Mondays have returned in full force.  The music is back, the club scene is back (this is all taking place, as before, at Desperate Annie’s in Saratoga), the dancing and the good times are finally here again.  

And Super Dark has clearly marked the occasion with the two fantastic giants of local danceable popular artists Laveda and Architrave.  

The unbearably good looking skinny young things in Laveda whip up the crowd right away, blasting their beautiful dream pop noise rock to the ends of the tightly packed club.  With eyes closed lead singers/guitarists Ali Genevich and Jacob Brooks throw lines and melodies, singing duties and noisy guitar playing back and forth in the bright bright lights.  The audience is thrilled and enthralled; it’s hard to believe just months ago we’d be terrified in a place like this…

Architrave is equally worshipped and celebrated onstage and off, playing their synth laden post-new wave danceable indie electronica to a nodding mass of sweaty, happy college kids and dancing people of all ages in the aisles, in the back, everywhere and you can’t help but get swept up in the mood.  Power duo Jen and Paul Coleman are back in full force, playing old favorites and new songs that are just as catchy and rhythmically irresistible, leading dancing intrigued crowds wherever and whenever they play now and in the future.  

We all breathe much easier, none of us were sure this would ever happen again.  But it’s clear the pent up demand not only from the crowds but from local musicians that were eager to once again grace the stage and show off all their innovative new and old songcraft is making the revitalized celebration that much better!  

I can’t wait for next Super Dark Monday.

Photo Gallery by Jim Gilbert

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