Album Review: “Anniversaries” by Senior Living


ALBANY — On June 26, Senior Living, fronted by Zac Geddies (guitar/vocals), released their debut album, Anniversaries.

Starting off with a bang, the opening track “Carousel,” features lush guitar work supported by a tight rhythm section, handled by Brandon Snell on bass and Jeremy Lopez on drums. From there, the album cruises right along with “Depression OG” and “100 mg tabs,” tracks two and three, respectively. The latter song heavily reminded me of a sound reminiscent of the Silversun Pickups. From there, for this listener, the album took a sharp turn.

The fourth track, “Anatomy/a sedentary lifestyle,” is a spoken word tune. What is gleaned from the song is perhaps one of the overarching themes of the record: depression. While the other songs had significantly more punch to them, in this listener’s humble opinion, the track had a chilling line: “convince me I’m not depressed.”

The honesty with which this album comes across is stark and haunting. Zac has a strong ability to be that open with depression, and the manner in which he conveys this emotion is compelling, and sometimes gut-wrenching. For those that deal with depression, this is surely an album in which they’d find relatability. Oftentimes, this listener wishes different production elements were employed when creating this record, in areas such as tone, dynamics, and overall song arrangement. What Zac and Senior Living has done, however, has made an extremely open and authentic record.

Check out the album by following the link below, and stay up-to-date with Senior Living by going to their Facebook page.

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