Sydney Worthley to headline Lark Hall on June 25


ALBANY — Sydney Worthley will perform at Lark Hall on June 25, the venue said in a press release.

Tickets are on sale now at General admission floor tickets are $20.  Mezzanine tickets are available for groups of four people for $120.

Worthley’s songs display a depth and maturity well beyond her teenage years. Almost 3 years after her debut album Strong, she is continuing her musical journey with Rose Colored Glasses, a reinvention of her musical identity. From the ballad-like intro of “Sinking Ship,” to the pulsing melodies in “4:15,” to the reflective title track, Worthley shares delicate stories in this five-track EP. Melodies and vocal parts nodding towards Florence and the Machine and songwriting styles comparable to Taylor Swift shine through these songs.

“A year and a half has given me more than enough time to develop a newer sound and Lark Hall enough time to completely reinvent their venue,” Worthley said. “I’m thrilled to be back on-stage performing songs that haven’t been given to the public yet and to finally see friends and fans. It’s been too long, and I hope you are all just as excited as I am.”

By writing from personal brooding memory, Worthley strives to make connections with her audience through her healing processes. Strength, growth and coming of age are all themes in her work. She is determined to share her struggles but has gained confidence and wants her audience to feel that through her songs.

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