It’s Local 518 Thursday on WEXT, March 18th


It’s Local 518! Links included for the artist/band and song featured on the show so Nippertown readers can find out more about them, and support by listening to & purchasing the songs. A version of the following is posted on the Local 518 Facebook page.

Tonight at 11:00pm WEXT Radio Local 518 Show host Andy Gregory counts his lucky stars because he has a playlist that features…
Joan Kelsey – “Let The Spirit Run
alexdgoldberg – “Stay The Same
Girl Blue – “Just A Dream
Sandy McKnight with Fernando Perdomo  – “Living On The West Side
Rhoseway – “Deep Valley
Luxtides – “After

It’s 1996. Four guys from high school in Kinderhook decide to start a rock band. At first it went great, got into the Albany punk scene, and playing shows. But they needed to up their game to make the move from DIY to bigger and better things.

Several months later, following line-up changes and a renewed desire to prove to themselves, F-Timmi was reborn. Those first shows were packed with kids. Next step was to record some demos, then in early 2001 round out the line-up with another guitar player.

Major record label interest in the band was coming from all over the industry. However, the horrible events of September 11 put any talks of a contract off to the side. It was from that brush with something big that the band changed their game yet again, stepped back from touring and focused on recording what became ‘The Shocker’ EP.

The disc, released in the summer of 2002, was a milestone marking the countless demos and DIY shows from the beginning, and got them some commercial radio exposure. Still not signed to a major label, they still felt they had something to prove. They wrote and recorded the best songs they could, releasing a full length album ‘The Middle Class’ in 2003. “First In, Last Out” from that album is the Attic Classic.

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