Photo Gallery: Downtown Saratoga heats up the winter night with Music on Display

Mini Window Concerts in Saratoga Springs, NY

It was a balmy 23 degrees in downtown Saratoga, on the night of February 4, 2021, yet, the sidewalk was busy with music fans.

Herb Carter Jr and Justin Donohoe of 18 Strings of Trouble

The crowd was consistent at 25 to 30 people all watching the show.
Speakers were set up outside, so the fans didn’t miss a beat.

With the daily stresses of current events, seeing venues closing, and artists being silenced, it can be a very dark time for many of us. In a time when we need music more than ever, more cuts and strict regulations are strangling life from the local arts scene.

I see it as a ray of hope when I  see people doing what they can to keep the arts alive.

Such a group is Saratoga Arts, located at 320 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY. Through their First Thursdays program, we are still able to celebrate the many genres of art to include music, poetry, dance, and theater.

Justin Donohoe

Reminiscent of the window displays in New York City over the holidays, where crowds of people walk the street, looking at the wonder of the magic through the window, this night, in Saratoga, we celebrated music with Local Favorite 18 Strings of Trouble. The gathering outside the window at Saratoga Arts showed their pleasure through the muffled applause from gloved hands.

18 Strings Of Trouble delivers an authentic, polished, classic rock sound. The band formed with the goal of entertaining audiences of all ages playing everything from the Rolling Stones to Bruce Springsteen to Kings Of Leon to original music. Available both as an acoustic duo as well as a full-on band.
They performed for an hour, and the crowd stuck it out, feeling the music was more important than warmth…Yes, these people have the right priorities!

Herb Carter Jr

First Thursdays is an ongoing event at Saratoga Arts, and Louise Kerr and staff do a wonderful job at coordinating these events while being Covid-Compliant. Performers of various arts can contact her at: to find out more about the program.
If you are able to donate to help keep this important Arts Center open, please give what you can, by donating here.

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