It’s Local 518 Thursday on WEXT, February 11th


It’s Local 518! Links included for the artist/band so readers can find out more about them, and to the song featured so listeners can support the artist by listening to & purchasing the song. A longer version of the following post is available on the Local 518 Facebook page.

Tonight at 11:00 pm on WEXT Radio, Local 518 Show host Andy Gregory gives love to some new and old favorites. His playlist features…
Sean Rowe – “Roll Over You
Phantogram – “Into Happiness
Bendt – “January
Christina Reger – “No More
Peter Prince – “You Make My Love Big
Luminous Crush – “Love Song
Dominick Campana – “Carousel

Exploring the roots of Capital District music, the Attic Classic is “Secret Tears” from the 2020 album ‘French Letter 1981-1992‘ by French Letter. 

A bit of backstory to the Attic Classic… Right up into the 1990’s there was a live local music scene that had blown up – a perfect storm of top-notch live bands, a whole bunch of clubs and bars to play in, and an audience willing to go out any day of the week to catch their favorites.

Among those favorites were a few that those other band members went out to see. French Letter was one of those bands who’s shows attracted all the scenesters, media and fans that could pack into whatever place they were to witness and be part of The Event.

So there’s memories, some 30 odd years on, of these shows. What was missing were recordings. In October 2020, a collection of studio work, demos, live shows and interviews was released. The package includes liner notes and 22 tracks of material with original members Ralph Box (lead vocals), Dave Schachne (guitar) and Gene Sennes (drums), as well as later member Bobby Zampino (keys).

Inspiration for the album was the passing in 2016 of musician, artist, photographer, hairdresser and iconic member of Albany’s creative underground, Buck Malen. For French Letter, Buck was bassist and chief songwriter, his vision and sense of style and fun bringing the band together at a time when the live music scene was thriving.

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