Top Tips for Live Music (for the week beginning February 8th)


A warm welcome back to both Caffe Lena and The Linda.  Check out their live stream schedules – they are better than ever.  In addition, we now have two new players in the live streaming game.  Troy Music Hall will be hosting two hours with local favorites The Wheel on February 27.  And The Hollow presents a great double bill with Candy Ambulance and KWILLEO on February 15.  These shows are a great way to support both local artists as well as local venues.

Dust Bowl Faeries & Cowboys in the Campfire

Best bet: I’m very excited for this week’s Best Bet.  Club Helsinki has an awesome live stream double bill with Dust Bowl Faeries and Cowboys in the Campfire.  Cowboys in the Campfire is comprised of Tommy Stinson (of Replacements fame) and Chip Roberts.  They describe themselves as “Just a couple fellas having fun with a guitar and a lap steel and some great songs.  And we like wearing matching shirts”.  Which sounds pretty cool.  But it’s freaking Tommy Stinson.  I’d listen to him play his lawnmower and like it.

Live this week:

Monday, February 8

Wednesday, February 10

Friday, February 12

Saturday, February 13

Sunday, February 14

  • The Falcon: (While you dine:) Alexis P Suter Band (7:00) 
  • Facebook:  Jocelyn and Chris (7:00)

Just announced:

The Hollow {online}

  • {February 15} Candy Ambulance / KWILLEO (7:00)

Caffe Lena Live Stream {online} 

  • {February 18} Thomasina Winslow (7:00)
  • {February 19} Kate McDonell (8:00)
  • {February 22} Rick’s Picks Local Showcase: Dan & JP Hubbs (7:00)
  • {February 24} The Resonators & Mike Herman (7:00)
  • {February 25} Ryan Martin (7:00)
  • {February 26} Musicians of Ma’alwyck (8:00)
  • {February 28} Jocelyn & Chris (7:00)

The Falcon:  

  • {February 19} (While you dine:) Fatboy Kanootch (7:00) 

The Linda Open for Take-Out {online}: The Abyssmals (was 2/22) canceled.

New Shows

  • {February 22} Dust Bowl Faeries (8:00)
  • {March 1} Warden and Co. (8:00)
  • {March 8} Julia Alsarraf (8:00)
  • {March 22} Matt Nakoa (8:00)
  • {April 5} Musicians of Ma’alwyck (7:00)

Troy Music Hall {online}

  • {February 27} The Wheel (8:00)

Iron Horse Music Hall: David Cook (was 4/4) postponed to September 15. Talisk (was 3/3) postponed to March 9, 2022.

The Academy of Music: Tommy Emmanuel (was 4/16) postponed to April 11, 2022.

Did you miss last week’s concert announcements? Find them here.

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