FEBRUARY 6: The Daily Flashback

Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson

Photograph by Rudy Lu

1843: The Virginia Minstrels opened at the Bowery Amphitheatre in New York City. It was the first minstrel show in America.
1962: Decca Records turned down The Beatles.
1971: Richard Thompson left Fairport Convention.
1990: Billy Idol was involved in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles after he ran a stop sign. Idol suffered multiple broken bones, and his major role in Oliver Stone’s film “The Doors” was reduced to a cameo.
1998: Washington National Airport was renamed for President Ronald Reagan with the signing of a bill by President Clinton.
2001: The Eagles fired guitarist Don Felder. Felder shortly afterwards filed two lawsuits against The Eagles alleging wrongful termination and breach of contract. The lawsuits were dismissed in 2007 when an out of court settlement was reached.

1895: Babe Ruth
1943: Fabian
1945: Bob Marley
1950: Natalie Cole
1957: Simon Phillips
1962: Axl Rose
1964: Gord Downie
1966: Rick Astley

1981: Hugo Montenegro
1998: Falco
1998: Carl Wilson
2007: Frankie Laine
2011: Gary Moore

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  1. steve nover says

    RIP Dan Hicks; 2/6/2016

  2. steve nover says

    RIP Leadbelly; 70 years….2/6/1949

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