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2020 has certainly brought challenges to the music world.  Some bands have just sailed away, hoping for the change in tide to bring them back.  Others have been holding small, covid-compliant rehearsals and shows at sparsely attended locations just to feed the need of music; the performers’ need, as well as the fans’ need.

Then, there are the bands who used the forced time off, to work on their craft, to record,  and to try out new material at unpopulated, unannounced shows.

One such band is Under The Den.  I had the opportunity to see this band twice in recent months.  And I must admit, I was impressed.

Under The Den

The four-piece band consists of Madison Lewis, the group’s lead vocalist, hailing from Orange County, California. A voice so crystal clear, so clean, a bit reminiscent of Amy Lee of Evanescence, but true to her own style.

Madison Lewis-Vocals

Benjamin “Ideas” Zoleski, an alumnus of Berklee College of Music, brings his passion through the guitar, keys, and vocal abilities. He somehow commands the stage with his presence and energy.  Totally immersed in music, he recently was the Children’s Music Director for the first national tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “School of Rock the Musical”.

Benjamin “Ideas” Zolesk-Vocals,Guitar, Keys

The rhythm section is composed of identical twin brothers John “Johnny Solo”  Nowak on bass, and drummer Jason “J NO” Nowak. Both have a long musical history in the 518 and abroad, working with bands on indie and major labels.

John “Johnny Solo” Nowak -Bass
Jason “J NO” Nowak-Drums

I always thought bands stressed about what to name their band, so, I just had to ask. Well, ends up they were practicing, in a room, which happened to be under a den…so there you have it.  The name stuck and is certainly memorable. (Sometimes known as UTD)

I would not want to pidgeon hole them into a specific genre, as I believe they can handle anything, but if pressed to do so, I’d go with
a cross between rock, emo, alternative power ballad.

When things lighten up a bit in the local music scene, and the tides do return to the shore, I suggest you look for them, follow them on Facebook
Make it a point to catch these rising stars! You will not be disappointed.

UTD released their first collection of recorded songs, the All That Talk EP,  which is currently available on all streaming platforms.

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