The Local 518 Music (and More) Report – 2020 Q4


Editor’s Note: For those of us in the local music industry four times a year we get a special treat. Local 518 WEXT radio host Andy Gregory posts the most comprehensive list of songs, albums, and videos released by local artists anywhere. Nippertown is thrilled to share that list with you here:

Hey there fans, supporters, and creators of music (and more) in the Capital District (and a bit beyond). In these troubling times of COVID-19, our awesome local music creatives keep being just that! Awesome AND creative! Courtesy of Local 518 Show host Andy Gregory and WEXT Radio, get your very own virus-free PDF copy of The Local 518 Music (and More) Report – 2020 Quarter 4.

The report covers the time period of October 1st to December 31st, 2020. Enjoy, and be sure to share!

Some observations about the Q4 report: There were fewer singles, EP’s, and albums this quarter, but a lot more videos. And, there were a lot more holiday themed songs/EPs/albums and videos. While some well-established bands and artists which have consistently produced material have somewhat faded out, while others stepped up their game, or at least stayed active in some way.

In honor of all the new videos we put together a playlist of them for you.

A little history behind these reports

Back in 2010, I was a contributor to the (Capital Region Ultimate Musicians and Bands Site) local music blog, hosted by Mike Guzzo on the Albany Times Union website. My posts covered a wide variety of what was happening of interest in the local music scene, everything from show announcements & reviews and latest local music releases. Mike Guzzo, (owner of since 2006) encouraged me to post those first local music reports on the blog. What began as just a list of recent releases in September of 2010 (“The Summer Songs Have Ended”) expanded to a year-end round-up for 2011, then expanded much bigger to a quarterly format for 2012. It was all a bit clunky, as the reports were multi-part posts, but it got the information out.

In 2014, after doing a couple years of co-hosting CRUMBS Cafe with Guzzo, I became the host of the Local 518 Show on WEXT. In 2017, I was still posting on the CRUMBS blog, but I suggested partnering with WEXT Radio and The Local 518 Show so that the quarterly reports, available as a free PDF, reached a wider audience interested in the Capital Region music scene.

For the 2020 Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Awards (“The Eddies”), the reports were used as one of the overall reference materials for category nominations, and specifically for Record, Album, & Music Video of the Year categories.

It’s been an eye-opening experience putting these quarterly reports together for the fans, supporters, and most importantly the creators of original music in the area (and just a bit beyond). There’s an amazing amount of original material produced!

Click the link below for the full 2020 Quarter 4 report.

The Local 518 Music (and More) Report – 2020 Q4

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