Eva Snyder’s Recent Release “Transparent” Finds Tik Tok Success


Eva Snyder is what the future of music looks like. She’s an empowered singer-songwriter with a story to tell and has the business and tech savvy personality needed to make it in the industry. Originating from western Massachusetts and eventually migrating to Nashville, her career has completely changed thanks to the biggest app in the world right now- Tik Tok.

Eva began singing and writing as a kid and continuing that passion throughout college. When she wasn’t studying computer science and running hackathons, Eva dedicated her time in the music program at Mount Holyoke College. Although a quite traditional and classically based program, she branched off to write and record an EP down in Nashville for her senior thesis.

After college, Eva moved out west to San Francisco to pursue a career at Youtube Music as a software engineer. “I was interning at Youtube and Google in college, and when I got the job, it didn’t seem like something I could turn down. I knew San Francisco wasn’t the biggest music city, so I went there with the mindset of figuring out how to still do music and eventually I would pick up my things and move.” After two and a half years in the bay area, that’s exactly what Eva did- picked up her things and moved to the music city, Nashville.

The course of her career has drastically changed since joining Tik Tok- an app where you can post a video up to 60 seconds and it can be seen by any of the 850 million users. The algorithm is tricky, it favors some users much more than others, and can push select videos over the rest. So, when Eva woke up to half a million likes and now over 2 million views of one of her videos, she was shocked.

The viral video consisted of a text Eva received from her grandma disapproving of a certain swear word used in her song “Transparent.” Other Tik Tok users thought the text was hilarious and rallied to show support for the song, turning the awkward moment into a blessing in disguise. Within a month since the video went viral, Eva has racked up over 60,000 streams on the song and 15,000 followers on Tik Tok.

Since learning the ins and outs of the app, Eva can only come up with a few tricks to help other musicians garner this type of success- constantly create content and hope the algorithm will pick you and your video to push. “Until you reach a certain number of followers, where you have thousands looking for your posts everyday, it is a guessing game and all about luck.”

When talking about the story behind the song, Eva is quick to mention that she didn’t have it all figured out at first, “I wrote ‘Transparent’ a couple years ago while out in San Francisco. Originally titled, ‘Damn Mess,’ I sent it out to my producer who shed light on how I was aiming to be empowering, but I consistently ended each hook on a self-deprecating line- that I was a damn mess for talking about my ex.” After this realization, Eva went back and changed it to truly represent her message, that she isn’t a mess and is just truly transparent.

“Transparent” is a kick starter for Eva Snyder’s next career moves. She plans to consistently release new music throughout 2021 and to keep this momentum going. You can check out Eva’s music on any streaming platform of your choice, and if you ever wander onto Tik Tok, be sure to search @evasnyder_music for the infamous video that started it all.

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