Wrestlefest 3 Unites Capital Region Wrestling Fans


In a current state of political division, Wrestlefest 3 brought together professional wrestling fans in the Tri-State area to forget politics for a few hours for another amazing meet and greet convention.

The Rock N Roll Express Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson @ Wrestlefest 3

Steve Duckett and the rest of the Heroes Hideout crew went above and beyond with safety measures for social distancing for the event.

Wrestlefest 3 took place in the former NY & Co store in Colonie Center on November 15 from 11am-3pm. Space was limited to 50 guest at a time inside the store. Heroes Hideout game plan for WF3 made it possible for every fan who attended to meet the superstars they wanted, and kept things as Covid free as possible.

When arriving to the event, fans would line up outside of the store where social distancing markers were set up. From there they would get a numbered ticket for entry into the venue. Heroes Hideout would then take your phone number and text you when it was your time to enter the convention.

Once inside the convention, vendor tables where at least 8 feet apart from one another with 6 foot social distancing markers forming a line in front of each superstar.

Fans didn’t seem to mind the new social distance set up for this installment of Wrestlefest, and were ecstatic that it was not cancelled and had something to look forward to during these unfortunate times.

Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags The Nasty Boys

Heroes Hideout has announced that Wrestlefest 4 will take place on March 7, 2021. Headliner for Wrestlefest 4 will be announced soon with other performers rounding out the next convention announced after that. Heroes Hideout has also stated that Wrestlefest 4 could also be a themed event centered around Tag Teams.

As the interest grows for these events, WF4 could be the last convention held inside the mall and move to a larger venue.

Like several of the fans who attend these events, Heroes would love to go back to the old Wrestlefest format where hundreds of fans can attend at once, and set the event in the middle of the mall hallway.

In a recent video posted after the event, Steve Duckett of HH posted a video on social media asking fans if they would rather have another event like Wrestlefest 3, or postpone the next event until May 2021 to the original format if Covid is still rearing its ugly head for a larger convention.

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