Happy 90th Birthday to David Amram


The late, great Lena Spencer described him as “the Renaissance Man of American Music” and that he is.  Here is a partial list of his credentials.

He is a prolific composer and among his credits through the over 70 years as he has composed :

  1. Major symphonic works (Symphonic Variations on a Song by Woody Guthrie-20007)
  2. Film scores (the Manchurian Candidate -1962, the Young Savages-1961)
  3. Operas (12 Night-1968)

Recorded and performed with many artists as diverse as Pete Seeger, Jack Kerouac, Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, Rosalie Sorrels, Loudon Wainwright III, Floyd Westerman, Steve Goodman, Tom Chapin, Happy Traum, David Bromberg,  Allen Ginsburg, and Children’s music superstar Raffi! And locally has appeared with Nippertown’s own Dylan Perillo Orchestra.

A master at piano, penny whistle, piano, wood flute, hulusi ( Chinese woodwind instrument  various percussion instruments and french horn (his original instrument). He is a well known proponent of Native American music and culture. He will readily mix his musical influences and impose them onto each other. One memorable moment in nippertown was when he played the Hulusi along with the traditional Dn Perrillo Orchestra! By the way, he just behind Pete Seeger in leading audience participation through handclapping and singalongs.

David makes many appearances in the local area (in particular Saratoga as his late wife was from Ballston Spa), the Hudson Valley and NYC as he has resided in the Hudson Valley.

I have seen him in concert multiple times since I was a college student in 1975 but only have usable photographs from 2010 on.  Here is a photo gallery of his performances from 2010-17. Chronicled here are performances from the Lake George Jazz Festival, Clearwater Festival, the Bardovan in Poughkeepise, Damorsch Park  in Lincoln Center NYC and the Falcon NYC.

Happy birthday David and many Happy Returns!

Photo Gallery by Rudy Lu


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