Wrestlefest 3 Talent Changes and Covid Safety Guidelines


Several talent changes have been made to Wrestlefest 3 on November 15, 2020, at Colonie Center. Over the last two weeks, several superstars appearing were forced to cancel their appearances due to Covid-19 concerns, or restricted travel in areas making it impossible for previously scheduled talent to travel out of their state or country.

WWE superstar Kane will still headline the event that will also feature The Nasty Boys, The Rock N Roll Express, Tenille Dashwood, Candice Michelle, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Kelly Kelly, The Colons, Carlito, Sin Cara, Madusa, Justin Credible, Bill Alfonso, Thunder Rosa, Brooke Adams, Kierra Hogan, Tasha Steelz, Curtis Axel, Missy Hyatt, Bill Alfonso, Billy Silverman, Jameson, Justin Credible and more.

Heroes Hideout has been working overtime to ensure everyone’s safety from covid-19 during the upcoming event. Wrestlefest 3 will follow all state and CDC guidelines for social distancing and mask wearing. There will be 6 feet social distance lines, and each table for talent will be at least 8 feet apart from one another. Your temperature will be taken twice, at check in, and before entering the venue. You will also have to hand sanitize before entering. Talent will decide day of show if you need to wear a mask during photo op with each superstar.

Abandoning the usual Wrestlefest set up in the mall hallways, the event will take place inside the former NY and Co. store across from Barnes and Noble. There store is around 10,00 square feet. The event will be very limited to 50 guests at a time.

There will be no lining up early like past events for a good spot in line. Any fans trying to line up before the event will be asked to leave. Heroes Hideout will check fans in starting at 9 am in front of the store where they will be given a numbered ticket for when they can enter the venue.

There will be a que line for Kane, The Nasty Boys, Rock N Roll Express and Jim Duggan. If you are in a que line and your GA ticket number has passed for entry, Heroes Hideout will move you to the front of the line for the next entry into the event. If you have a pro photo op with Kane, it is strongly advised to be there by the 11 am start time of the event.

You can still pre order with vendors representing each superstar until Saturday. Cash only for purchases day of the show.

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