The Linda PPV Series set for WAMC Radio Broadcast on Sunday (Gallery)


WAMC’s The Linda’s Open For Take-Out Virtual (YouTube) Pay per-view Concert Series will be a radio broadcast (for Free) this coming Sunday featuring: The Age from July 27, 2020 and Nxnes and Pink Nois from August 10, 2020 to be broadcast 10/25/2020, Sunday at 8 p.m. on WAMC 90.3 and all its affiliates.

The Age, from July 27, 2020: Adrian Lewis, as the frontman of the band, on vocals and electric guitar with Brandon Rutski, drums and back up vocals and Marcelle Johnson on keyboards and accompanying vocals set the timber, tone and atmosphere for ‘The Age’s’ superlative vocal/musical style on a night’s worth of self-penned songs examining such personal issue as being an African American in contemporary America and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

NXNES (‘nums), A.K.A.: Jo-Jo Rose, brought his A-game to The Linda on August 10, 2020 by himself doing triple duty as a vocalist, keyboardist and guitar player. His soulful original songs and solo instrumental accompaniment evoked his view on racial relations and life in the ‘now’ of America. 

Pink Nois (Jorim Motley) was the explosive head-liner of the double bill with NXNES at The Linda that night, August 10, 2020.  Signed to a record label and already on his way way to stardom his performance was at once theatrical and sincere travercing subjects from the Black contemporary landscape of life, relationships, racism, and living. His powerful presentation and performance was, nothing short, of extraordinary! 
Though the initial broadcast a while back was for a limited time on YouTube you can hear these three amazing artists on WAMC’s Sunday broadcast on 90.3 on the FM dial on your radio dial or as a podcast. Check them out, let us know what you think!

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