Caffe Lena’s Update for the Week of October 19th


Sawyer Fredericks Is Busking For Lena

Sarah B. Foulke $50,000 Fundraising Challenge

The seats at Caffe Lena have been empty since March 14. But our stage has been busy nearly every night as bands play shows for three robotic cameras that stream live to audiences around the world.

Our ingenuity and determination caught the attention of the Sarah B. Foulke Charitable Fund, set up to honor Sarah Foulke, a Saratoga Springs attorney who was a regular volunteer at Caffe Lena. They have challenged us to raise $50,000 by October 31. If we succeed, they will donate $50,000. 

This fundraising challenge gives us the money to stay active while Congress decides what it’s going to do to save the live music and theater industries. Every act of kindness keeps the music alive–whether it’s a $5 tip, a $500 donation, or an encouraging comment. We’re currently at $32,000 and we have until October 31. 

We are tremendously grateful to Sawyer Fredericks for helping us meet the challenge. He’s livestreaming from our stage on Sunday evening and 100% of his tip jar donations will be matched the Foulke Charitable Fund. You can tune in by yourself, set up a watch party on Facebook, invite friends & family. Let’s do this together!

Sarah Craig (Caffe Lena’s Executive Director)

All Of These Events Are Streamed Live
We use three high-def cameras and premium audio.
(We are still not permitted to have an in-person audience.)

1. Click a photo below to go directly to that broadcast, OR
2. Go to and click the red box for “Watch Live on YouTube”


Monday, Oct 19 / 7 PM
Rick’s Picks Local Showcase: Rich Ortiz & Steve Candlen

If you haven’t checked out one of these Monday showcases yet, start this week! This one is going to be super special! These three guys are the best of the best, and a big part of what gives our town such a great reputation for its live music scene.

Tuesday, Oct 20 / 8 PM
“Live at Caffe Lena” on WEXT Radio

A new way to enjoy our shows! WEXT 97.7 & 106.1 FM will be rebroadcasting our “Stay Home Sessions” every Tuesday at 8 PM. Tune in to hear great music recorded live at your favorite venue! Our broadcast sound is mixed by 7-time Grammy-winner Joel Moss, so you know it’s going to sound great.

Wednesday, Oct 21 / 7 PM
Bluegrass Night with the Adirondack Song Dogs

Jam from home with the leaders of our much-missed monthly Bluegrass Jam Circle, a beloved 3rd Wednesday tradition at Caffe Lena. This is a slow jam that’s perfect for beginners, and what a great opportunity to hone your jam chops with nobody to hear you messing up! They’ll post the key for each song to get you started.

Friday, Oct 23 / 8 PM

It means the world to the Caffe Lena crowd that Driftwood is driving out from Binghamton to stream live from our stage! This upstate band rose to the top of the national Americana scene on the strength of killer live shows that just explode off the stage with ultra-tight, passionate stringband energy. They have sold out every single show they’ve ever played at Lena’s. Find out why!

Saturday, Oct 24 / 8 PM
Alex Smith & Jake Brillhart

Singer-songwriter and superb guitarist Alex Smith is a genuine folk balladeer who finds inspiration in the people of the Adirondacks. His poignant songs tell the story of country people loving and struggling and carving out a true-hearted life. Great voices & melodies.

From Dylan to Springsteen to Taylor Swift, every big artist has a first stage where they learned to relate to the audience, calm their nerves & discover the value of their art. For Sawyer Fredericks that stage is Caffe Lena. Sawyer stepped forward to help us get over the finish line of the $50K Sarah B. Foulke Fundraising Challenge, which runs out on 10/31. His guitar case will be open you can help fill it for Lena as you watch from home!

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