LIVE (Stream): Scott Sharrard @ Caffe Lena, 10/17/2020


Scott Sharrard, singer-songwriter, guitar maven, vocalist extraordinaire breezed into Caffe Lena for a solo date on the same date he would have brought in his band and done two shows for a live sold-out audience before Covid-19.  

For those not in the know, he was for many years the musical director and co-writing accolade with Greg Allman’s solo touring and recording band. He co-wrote a number of notable tunes and weaved some amazing guitar parts and leads with that leading member of the Allman Brothers Band. 

Not only that, but he was invited and joined the legendary Little Feat band just before Covid-19 struck in the early part of 2020. Of course, they are not touring now, but that says it all about the man and his great talents. 

Last night in Caffe Lena Sharrard played a solo gig traversing between an acoustic guitar and a resonator slide guitar thrilling a YouTube audience with his voice and intensive guitar playing hopscotching between the blues and singer-songwriting songs. 

Check out his performance here:

Photo Gallery by Andrzej Pilarczyk

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