LIVE: Pink Talking Fish @ Jericho Drive-In, 9/18/2020


If you were in the Glenmont area on Friday, September 18th, you might have heard some groovy beats coming from Jericho Drive-In. Pink Talking Fish came to town to “jam out.” It was a brisk and chilly night to end the summer but that didn’t stop the fans from grooving all night long.

Pink Taking Fish has been trying to make the most out of this year by touring at drive-ins and are having a lot of fun while doing it. Each band member plays a vital role in making the incredibly groovy sound that Pink Talking Fish makes.

Photo by Nick DiCocco

The set started out with some Phish. Of course in the spirit of Phish there came those long solos. Cal Kehoe the lead guitarist was really feeling the groove and the audience was too.

After a long set, everyone sat back to enjoy the perfectly fitting movie Dazed and Confused. Alright, alright, alright. (Matthew McConaughey impression). I’ll let him stick to that while I stick with taking pictures.

Photo Gallery by Nick DiCocco

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