Cassandra Kubinski Releases “Stardust” Remix With Renowned Yoga DJ


Listeners can find the song here:

STARDUST” (DJ Taz Rashid Remix) is the new yoga-inspired chill house remix created by the renowned DJ Taz Rashid, and by the nature loving, philanthropically committed pop artist Cassandra Kubinski.  Over a mid tempo and gently pulsing heartbeat, swirling synths and energy-boosting dance elements, Kubinski’s clarion voice reminds us how connected we are to the Universe and to each other, and how powerful our love is in creating, regenerating and healing.  Kubinski and Rashid join forces in their shared mission to inspire, empower, and enable people to feel more freedom, and to resonate at the higher vibrations of inner wisdom, healing, and creativity.

Since its release date Friday August 21, the song has been spun over 11,000 times on Spotify, and added to over 200 playlists.  

The Stardust lyric video premiered in LA Yoga August 21.

A music video featuring diverse yogis of various shapes, sizes and backgrounds is currently in production and will show the yoga community flowing together despite ongoing distancing measures.

The collaboration between Cassandra Kubinski and DJ Taz Rashid was as inspired as the cosmic message of the song. “I work at uniting individual spirit with universal spirit through my daily yoga practice, and music is the food that feeds my soul,” explains Kubinski. “I’ve always dreamt of incorporating more of my yoga lifestyle into my music, whether through breath, rhythms, approaches or community.  I read about DJ Taz Rashid’s work in a Yoga Journal article about DJs changing the soundscape of yoga.  I reached out and, after a few preliminary emails, we decided to collaborate on Stardust. I have to thank Yoga Journal for bringing us together.”

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