Dogs of Desire’s Hot, w/Mustard: Andre Myers “Pulp Anthem: Reflecting Glory”


Dogs of Desire, the Albany Symphony’s self-described new “electrifying genre-bending” ensemble, has come together virtually during these times of great pandemic uncertainty to bring a showcase of great music to your ears. Hot, w/ Mustard, a series that brings contemporary composers to the comfort of your own screen. 

For their week four release, Hot, w/ Mustard brings you Andre Myers‘ impeccably crafted operatic rendition of the 1917 poem by Margaret Helen Florine entitled, you guessed it, “Reflected Glory.” Hot, w/ Mustard writes that “this piece is meant to remind us that the urgent work of nurses has long been in the shadows, but is as vital and important in our current pandemic as it was a century ago.”

I feel the key word of this description is “urgent.” Here’s why: The piece starts off immediately with the commanding, constant beat of a military-style march. While my jargon and music theory knowledge are severely lacking, I think you know the beat I’m talking about. One-and tri-pl-et three, four. The hurried taps of the snare drum are quickly accompanied by the swell of strings. Then the soaring voice of the skilled soprano sweeps in to sing the words (lyrics?) to the Florine poem. That rigid beat, as I see it, is allegorical. It is the backbeat of the battle that nurses face every day of their jobs, made even more poignant and relevant by the constant war they fight against the COVID-19 enemy in the current pandemic. 

Give a listen to Andre Myers’, thank all the nurses in your life, and listen to the anthem that gives this century old poem new meaning in these unprecedented times. 

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