LIVE: Jocelyn & Chris @ Caffe Lena, 7/26/2020


Caffe Lena’s Couch Concert Series didn’t get off the ground at this time because level-heads prevailed with Sarah Craig at the helm and board members voting for ‘safety first’. Rightfully so, because the mid-July series was to take off with LIVE concerts for 25 people in Caffe Lena in groups on a hand-full of real couches and several duo tables with chairs. When you drive around Saratoga Springs these days and look at license plate there are a lot of cars on Governor’s list of states that are on the ‘mandatory’ quarantine list, and for the past four weeks, it’s questionable if anybody really guaranteed- they just got in their cars and ran from several dozen states and New York City, where many people have summer homes,  just to get away from the ‘spikes’ in Covid-19! 

Photo by Andrzej Pilarczyk

What was a wonderful tongue-in-cheek, inside joke, was when Jocelyn & Chris Arndt took the stage at Caffe Lena for their privately funded concert in Caffe Lena, that they lifted and took a couch from the floor of the club and put it up on stage to sit and perform from. 


Jocelyn & Chris Arndt have performed in the region several summers in a row and this summer at the Jericho Drive-In for a stay-in-your-car (covered in Nippertown by Dakota Gilbert) and a few other dates. However, the Caffe Lena gig was a bit different. There was a computer screen at their feet to communicate with their fans because their two-day stand at Caffe Lena was a request from fans kind of deal. 

Photo by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Way cool!

The duo jumped into action with their first song and the rest of the evening’s tunes- they mentioned friends and fans that had requested songs and who had signed up for the pay per-view concert event on YouTube. This approach made it a real intimate concert in this age and time. 

Jocelyn Arndt has a bit of Janis Joplin to her voice and expression. The band and her Brother were great accompanists in the rock idiom. They have built up a large regional fan base, but they have covered their bets for the future if they don’t make it in the music business. How? Well they both graduated Harvard University, but all bets are on that they make it nationally! 

Never-the-less, they presented quality music with great vocals that went out to the web-o-spere and got tons of accolades back on the web to keep the audience and performer dynamic going strong.  

Photo Gallery by Andrzej Pilarczyk

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