LIVE: Aztec Two-Step 2.0 @ Caffe Lena, 7/17/2020


With the postponement of live performances with a limited audience in attendance, Caffe Lena has continued its music presentations on YouTube, with an ongoing Live Stream series. But with a twist since the third week in July: some of stay-at-home shows will be webcast as a pay per-view concert and some will be free of charge. 

Photo by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Aztec Two-Step has been on the national folk scene since their first album release in 1972. Singer-songwriters Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman, for almost 5 decades, had become a mainstay of the folk-club circuit, concert halls coast-to-coast and the folk festival scene across America until Shulman’s retirement in 2018. Not to sit idle, Rex Fowler reformed the band into a six-piece outfit and dubbed it Aztec Two-Step ‘2.0’ and took it on the road two years ago.  

Rolling into Caffe Lena for a two-night stand (Friday July 17 and Saturday July 18), Fowler brought in a stripped-down version of the group with himself at the helm- playing acoustic guitar and singing up a storm, Dodie Pettit playing tasteful electric and acoustic guitar, Steven ‘Muddy’ Roues commanding the rhythm with his double-bass and tenor & soprano sax, flute and clarinet maven, Joe Meo adding passionate notes to the whole musical mix with the all the musicians weaving their voices in 2, 3 or 4-part harmonies that just flowed off the stage. 

Over those two nights Rex Fowler reached into his song-bag and brought out golden nuggets and hidden gems from the Aztec Two-Step repertoire which he and his band threw out into the audience with boundless energy and magnificent performances!

Photo Gallery by Andrzej Pilarczyk

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