LIVE: Legend @ Frog Alley Brewing, 7/17/2020


The Local Lens: LEGEND(ary) music fills the air at Frog Alley Brewing in Schenectady

It was a warm, summer night in downtown Schenectady. I came armed with my camera, various lenses (Not knowing how far away from the stage I would be, due to the new regulations) and mosquito repellent.
It was the first show of the year for LEGEND. Odd for this to be the case in Mid July. By now, our local region, so rich with a plethora of music genres, would be in full swing, with bands competing for the crowds.

Photo by Stephanie J Bartik- NY Rockstar Photographer

Legend chose a perfect name for the band, as they perform songs of  Journey, Foreigner, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Bon Jovi, with a defined sound as no other band in the area.

The band consists of Joe Schepis, Lead Voice, tambourine; Eddie Bornt, Lead Guitar; Reggie Kafouris, Keyboards, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitar; CJ Benenati, and Dave Kirkpatrick, Drums, percussion.

Dealing with the day-to-day changes in how we can see a show, is difficult. We think we have the new rules down, then, something else is thrown into the mix. This night, we all needed Goldfish, Doritos, or Pringles on the table, in order to get a drink. The fans were still not allowed to dance, or get close to the stage. But, they were still were happy to have the music back.

I could see some people dancing in their seats, swaying to the smooth sounds of Joe’s voice as he crooned Separate Ways, or waving their arms to Come Sail Away.

Joe Schepis -Legend

From the bands’ perspective, they don’t get instant feedback from the fans.
This is often how bands determine how well the show is being received. Do they step up to more lively tunes? Switch it out to ballads? Without the dancers, or excitement from in front of the stage, as well as with the fans being so spread apart, it is hard to tell if there is applause.

As the night began to cool down, the band did not. Legend carried on, with hit after hit. Colorful fog effects added to the visuals.

Frog Alley Brewing Company, has been compliant with the restrictions, and when the fans also follow the guidelines, we hopefully will be able to move closer to the way we are used to seeing shows.

Right now, I for one, am happy to see the shows coming back. I understand that in an instant things can change again. I applaud the bands for getting out there. And, speaking of applaud, as fans, we must all be sure to let the bands know we love them! Yell! Cheer! Let them hear you! We all need something to cheer about these days.

Be sure to check out the band’s webpage for sample tunes and upcoming shows. Stay safe out there— try to have fun! That is what it is all about! Till next time!

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