Photo Gallery: Stone Revival Band ‘An Evening of Pink Floyd’ @ High Peaks Event Production, 7/12/2020


The Stone Revival Band (SRB) isn’t a ‘cover’ band that does the monthly round-robin of bars and clubs in the Capital District. SRB is not a ‘tribute’ band that painstakingly mimics a legendary rock band musically and vocally and then goes out on tour. What the SRB has been since 2009 is a collective of master musicians who are members of other bands that get together several times year and present their own original material or do a one-off night showcase performance in the region of music by such iconic groups as the Allman Brothers Band, The Band, the Grateful Dead, or as in the case, Pink Floyd’s music performed LIVE and Streamed on Youtube.

Photo by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Mining Pink Floyd’s catalog of gems is no easy task to perform. That night SRB chose a potpourri of selections taken from Animals, Wish You Were Here, Dark Side Of The Moon, and others to create a spectacular two-hour event at the High Peaks Event Productions Studio in Wilton, NY.  Drummer Jeff Prescott sang and played the drum kit; Mike Cassels held down the low end on his electric bass; keyboard duties were performed by Drew Costa; rhythm and lead-guitar duties were shared by Dave Spadaro and Rob Beaulieve (who also sang the leads on many of the songs that night). Augmenting the band were two wonderful female singers and special guests, Sherry-Jean Waite and Georgia Jones.

The band members and singers (both individually and collectively) had rehearsed, arranged, practiced and rearranged the music to perfection for over a month.  The day before Sunday’s performance they all came together in the studio and ran through the program to iron out any kinks or glitches. You can hear and see the fruit of their labors at the New York Rock ‘n Roots Fest web-site:  and the direct link to the show is:

A final note: It is important that you go to the settings on the video (lower right hand corner) and decide on the resolution of your viewing device that works the best for you. If you have the capability to hook up your computer to a flat-screen TV then choose either 720p or 1080p for the best viewing results. And play with the sound to balance it properly or to your taste.

Photo Gallery by Andzrej Pilarczyk

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