The Local Lens: That 80s Band @ Wicked, 7/12/2020


Back at it, on Sunday, July 12, 2020, I was at Wicked Eatery Pub and Entertainment, 1602 Route 9, Clifton Park, NY for a rescheduled show by That 80s Band.

The 3:00 show left us at the mercy of 92° beating sun.  There were umbrellas out, and the patrons shifted in their seats as the shadows moved, leaving them in the full sun as the afternoon blazed by.

Photo by Stephanie Bartik

Considering it was an afternoon show, and not the original Friday night show as originally scheduled, along with the fact it was extremely hot, I was surprised by how full the place was.  Again, abiding by the restrictions, the venue had someone stationed by the entrance to tell each group as they entered, a run down of the rules. There would be no reason for anyone to say they didn’t know.

The band played on, interacting with the crowd the best they could.  This is a band who definitely is used to the dancers up front, as they zip you back into 1984, with the tight group, each knowing their value in the band.
In this band, there is no “ROCKSTAR” as ALL the performers are stars.  They each take a turn showcasing their individual talent and together they are a force to be reckoned with. 

Photo by Stephanie Bartik

Powerhouse female vocalist Beth Zaje belts out a huge variety of ‘80s pop, Kevin Hodge on the keyboard as well as Keytar and vocals, Derek Montayne plays guitar and manages to wail with vocals! Todd Minnick plays bass with a flair for showcasing the fun times of the ‘80s and, and pulling it all together, is Michael Bruce, drummer and vocals, as the ringleader/conductor, making sure the show flows and the fans are having a great time!

So yes, it isn’t as it was, but at least it IS!  (kinda sorta)  The fans and the performers have longed for the day live music can return.
And as it does, we can only hope we can deal with the regulations as they are now, to hopefully allow the music to be as it was.  As a fan, feeling the emotional effects of not getting to hear the music, to let the energy of the tunes run through me, to stand near the speakers and feel the vibrations resonate through each fiber of my body into my soul, I am thrilled it is back, so my one plea is PLEASE DON’T MESS IT UP! 

Photo by Stephanie Bartik

 I don’t want to see music on life support! (only being able to see a performers cell video, and not be with their bandmates)  I don’t want to fear it will die, and we will have nothing to occupy us other than to argue and hate on social media.  Wear the damned mask!  Keep your distance, follow the rules none of us really like- Help music live, support the local performers as they make their way out of the caves of silence.  The local legends need us, as much as we need them!  Maybe that is why our local scene is so strong!

Photo Gallery by Stephanie Bartik

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