On this Date in 1994: Phish headlines SPAC for first time


July 10th, 1994 was Phish’s second performance at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) and their first headline show there. Their first appearance was opening for Santana on July 25th two years earlier.

Jive Talkin’ (Bee Gees cover played during soundcheck) was the 1st and only known performance and included The Dude of Life on vocals.

Phish with the Dude of Life at SPAC (July 10, 1994)

Saratoga’s first set featured Peaches en Regalia and My Friend, My Friend. Julius included some additional Trey lyrics “I haven’t decided, no no no” during the chorus as well as teases of Buried Alive and Jean-Pierre (Miles Davis cover.)

The second set was more focused with David Bowie, a lilting YaMar and Mike’s Groove with a Low Rider jam among other themes. Ya Mar contained band shout-outs to Marley including “Who is she?” and “Who’s the Mar Mar?” The first part of Mike’s Song included a Simple tease by Trey before the jam found its way to Low Rider. Crimes Of The Mind also featured The Dude of Life on vocals and was played for the first time in nearly a year (since 8/28/93). After this show, the band and crew enjoyed two days off before picking back up for the last few days of the tour starting in Patterson, New York.

Many thought The Squirming Coil would end the set and were surprised when New York native the Dude of Life came onstage to close the set by singing Crimes of The Mind with Phish. After the Dude’s spirited addition, a double encore of Golgi Apparatus and Rocky Top ended the show.


Sound Check: Jive Talkin’, work on The Old Home Place, work on Nellie Kane, work on Jive Talkin’

Set 1: Chalk Dust Torture, Horn > Peaches en Regalia > Rift, Stash, If I Could, My Friend, My Friend > Julius, Cavern

Set 2: Sample in a Jar, David Bowie, Glide, Ya Mar, Mike’s Song -> Low Rider -> Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Bouncing Around the Room, The Squirming Coil, Crimes of the Mind

Encore: Golgi Apparatus, Rocky Top

Notes: My Friend included a Purple Haze tease and Julius contained a Buried Alive tease from Trey. Crimes of the Mind featured the Dude of Life on vocals.

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