Madison Vandenburg’s “Reason” is the Reason You’ve Been Looking For


It’s finally here. The song I really wanted.

Now Madison has had a couple of fun songs with “Need A Little Heartbreak” and “What I’m Looking For,” but if I’m being honest I always felt they fell a little flat in regards to what I know she’s vocally, and musically capable of. Sure, they are bops you can sing along to, but they lack emotional depth and that vocal prowess she carries. 

Along came “Reason,” the single Madison dropped just yesterday. This one has been on repeat, and it is a song worthy of an Idol finalist. As a matter of fact, it stylistically reminds me very much of the style of past winner Jordin Sparks’ first album after her Idol win. “Reason” brings the upbeat four chord pop power ballad to Madison’s repertoire with its smooth vocals, singable lyrics, and that little something that just keeps making you hit the replay button. It finally has those layers of emotion I was craving. It shows off her runs, and that effortless soaring high note in the penultimate chorus that gives me goosebumps. The song feels resolute and complete. You aren’t left with an itch for more because it was insufficient in satisfying that musical hunger.

“Reason” is Madison’s growth. It is the “Reason” you were searching for to finally give her pop music a go.

“Reason” can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, or wherever you stream your music.

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