Katy Ashe releases quarantine project, “Mother’s Isolation”


Katy Ashe has kept herself busy during the quarantine. The singer-songwriter is also a full-time music teacher and mom. On top of all those duties, she spent the past eight weeks writing, recording and producing her latest album aptly named, Mother’s Isolation.

Ashe is the lead singer of Last Daze and her recording credits include collaborations with Shooter Jennings, Trigger Pig and more. With Last Daze, Ashe’s powerful voice supercharges the band’s country rock sound. Her latest work as a solo artist, however, leans more towards an electronic-synth sound that lends a hint to her appreciation for Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson.

“It’s definitely a different direction but something I’ve always wanted to explore,” Ashe said. “I produced, recorded and mixed the whole album myself. … like Trent [Reznor].”

Cover art by Melissa Freebern

Ashe’s lyrics reveal just how timely this release is. “Do Better” speaks of recent atrocities on the news with a plea from her that we all must do better. The new album is not due out until July 17, but Ashe has made four songs available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp.

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