Frank Palangi drops fourth album “Bring on the Fear”


Palangi was already in the midst of releasing his fourth album “Bring on the Fear” when the COVID-19 pandemic started its spread. Despite the name, he insists the name is a mere case of conscience.

“I didn’t know, but it actually fits into it: the title, “Bring on the Fear,” and the single is called “Gone Mad,” Palangi said. “It’s like, yeah, I can relate to that [now].” He laughs.

The album drops Friday, June 5. A video release of one of its tracks “Gone Mad” went online last month. It’s the first track from Palangi’s fourth studio album. He said this work is “a little bit” darker and heavier from previous releases, but he still wouldn’t call it heavy metal.

“Bring the Fear” is self-produced and mastered by Grammy Award-nominated producer Robert Venable. Palangi also teams up with Kelly Clarkson’s drummer Lester Estelle, and Brian Craddock and Brandon Maclin from Daughtry. The EP features five tracks in streaming format, but the CD that will be available for purchase on Palangi’s website will include a total of 14 songs.

You can order your copy of “Bring on the Fear” on Amazon and iTunes.

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  1. Sylvia says

    Love the entire CD!!

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