The Erotics Release Single “Head of the Low Class”


The Erotics has been keeping it dirty with its stylings of “straightforward” rock and roll since 1997. That was when the Albany quartet dropped “Born to Destroy,” and they haven’t looked back since.

With their sleazy antics of straightforward rock & roll, The Erotics bring forth their lyrical dealings of drinking, drugs, and all other arrays of political incorrectness. The Dead Boys, Johnny Thunders and Alice Cooper are the primary inspirations of this band.

“Head of the Low Class” is the band’s latest single off of a new album set to release in July. It’s a live recording, which is only evident at the sound of applause from a pleased crowd at the end of the song. Musically, it remains true to the hard-rocking troupes who influenced them from the start.

More than 20 years removed for its debut album, The Erotics don’t show any sign of slowing down. The new album is a follow-up “The Songs Remain Deranged,” another full-length album released just last year.

Visit the band’s bio on ReverbNation to hear more.

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  1. ToastWRPI says

    The Erotics consistently deliver down and dirty, sleazy rock n roll. Love it!

  2. Doug says

    Fuck yeah

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