Belle-Skinner releases Video, New Album “Violets” Drops May 26th


Before the apocalypse overtook our lives, Belle-Skinner would split her time between performing here and in New York City.

The latter is where we find Belle-Skinner performing in her latest video for “Big City Blues” set in what she called “the underbelly and rooftops” of Gotham “pre-coronavirus.” The track is off of her debut album “Violets,” and she said she wrote the song while she was feeling “trapped in the city.”

“I wrote this when I was feeling trapped in the city, and was dreaming of a better life somewhere else,” she said. “With time I realized that it wasn’t the place or the situation I was in, but my own attitude and perspective that were the problem.”

Directed by Shlomo Franklin, the video captures Belle-Skinner in black and white predominantly as she walks about an underground subway station in Lower Manhattan. She said the song is meant to capture the spirit of the city, where everyone is focused on obtaining a better life for themselves.

“With time, the meaning of the song changed for me; and became something beyond the literal scope of a city or location or situation – it became a metaphor for life itself,” she said. “We all have that ‘window with a view,’ that dream of ‘someday’ — for some it means that peaceful release from life to the one beyond. Right now for most of us it’s the dream of a future where we can feel freedom and see our friends and loved ones again without fear.”

“Big City Blues” was engineered by Jason Brown at Starling Studios. The song features Eric Margan playing cello, bass and flute. Margan also mixed and co-produced the music. The song also features Jon Freeman on violin. Music was mastered by Grammy award-winning engineer Alan Douches at West West Side Music.

“Violets” drops on Tuesday, May 26. You can purchase the album by visiting Bandcamp.

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