Haunted Cat Drops Second Album “Third Degree Moonburns”


Haunted Cat is a four-piece, electro-glam proto-punk band out of the Capital District — and that’s a genre worthy of a listen.

The quartet just dropped its second album, “Third Degree Moonburns.” It’s a project they’ve been working on since the summer of 2018, and It’s a fun ride. There are some recognizable influences from both the glam and punk rock movements of the 70s. For example, you can hear a touch of Brian May as a guitar opens for the third song, “Cartoon Queen.” But, I think the band’s own description is telling of the kind of atmosphere you can expect as you sit down to listen.

“The album is an ambitious maelstrom of seemingly contradictory extremes, a pendulum that swings from brutal vengeance to most-likely sincere messages of positive living; punishing portraits of comeuppance to fantasies of great and horrifying wealth. Packed with triumphant horn sections, ominous ragtime piano, spaghetti western disco morality tales, screaming guitars, soaring power ballads for the karaokephiles, and other bloody nose fun house horrors, the sprawling saga also finds time to make peace with Tchaikovsky and war with Dale Carnegie.”

To purchase the album, visit Bandcamp.

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