Vinyls from Troy’s Beat Shop


Want to take a deep dive into some vinyls, but finding your vinyl selection to be low?

River Street Beat Shop in Troy, NY, is offering a deal right now on vinyl records. Although they are closed to in person shopping due to the NYS Pause response to COVID-19, River Street Beat Shop is offering $5 flat rate shipping for any amount of sealed / new LPs.

For a full list of available albums and payment options email

There was a time when vinyls were going extinct, and CDs were replacing them. But like everything classically valuable, vinyls have returned. In the age of digital music, they allow an organic way to physically connect with the sound.

As for recommendations on listening to vinyl, Nipper loves all music. But Nipper has noticed that 90s grunge sounds particularly perfect on vinyl.

Support our local scenes; shop local!

  1. catdeli says

    Some record collecting nerd might come here and comment “The plural of vinyl is vinyl”.
    But that wouldn’t be me. 😬

  2. Jim Gilbert says

    Glad that’s not you. 😉

  3. john tambroni says

    Great place! I love the selection, awesome conversation, enthusiasm for music, and good-hearted Troy spirit

  4. ToastWRPI says

    As a record collecting nerd, let me state that the plural of “vinyl” is indeed “vinyl”.

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