Stories From a Bar: Episode 30, Kurt Borchardt @ Artisanal Brew Works


If you have ever been interested in the chemistry involved in beer recipes, then Kurt Borchardt is the man to talk to. The former Engineer and Teacher is the co-owner and brewer of Artisanal Brew Works in Saratoga and for him it is all about respecting the liquid.

In Episode 30 of Stories From A Bar, Kurt and I talk about some of the latest beers they have brewing, two different collaborations with proceeds going to local out of work hospitality workers, and the adjustments they have had to make to continue to operate. As well as hearing about the best ways to support Artisanal you will also get to hear about our shared desperation of needing a haircut. How could you not listen, right?

Kurt Borchardt and Colin Quinn
©2016 Saratoga

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