A Cheeky New Hiking Challenge with a 2 Ply Purpose


Spending time in nature is scientifically proven to be beneficial to your mental health. Life is burgeoning all around us with the coming of Spring, and if you can maintain a safe social distance, it’s a perfect time to go out and explore some trails close by.

You can even earn a patch while you do it thanks to the Toilet Paper Trio, a hiking challenge created by David Kelley. David has been a long time hiker, and he created this hike to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors and to raise money for the NYC COVID- 19 Response & Impact Fund.

David Kelley, the founder, cheeks flushed with pride at his new buddy.
(Photo Courtesy of David Kelley)

To participate, you have to bring a toilet paper pal along with you on three outdoor excursions. You can walk, run, take a bike ride or hike. Be sure to take pictures of you with your buddy. You’ll want to record these beautiful memories for posterior posterity.

The struggle is real. (Photo courtesy of Becca Lee)

You’ll have a brand new appreciation for toilet paper, its comforting softness as you use it to rest your head, its absorbency as you use a sheet to wipe the sweat from your brow, and just how photogenic it is, even in selfie mode.

Nipper is proud to report that this hike is dog friendly.
(Photo courtesy of Andrew Lynch)

Looking for hikes near you? You can find plenty on alltrails.com. For further information about the hike, visit the Toilet Paper Trio website at https://www.toiletpapertrio.com/. You can also join the Facebook group.

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