Chris’s Short Take: Something Completely Different…


So obviously I won’t be writing here about the new places opening up, or the time-proven favorites latest direction, or even a new chef in town.  The virus has sidelined all that in grand style.  I admit struggling a bit to find my new direction in writing about food here in the Capital Region, for the meantime at least.  That is until now.

What we’re going to do is find local food products, and challenge local well-known figures to use them in an original, (or at least original-to-them) recipe.  I’ll tell you a little about the local product, and we’ll talk with the folks cooking with them, then pass the recipe on to you to try your hand at making it at home!

As always, your suggestions are key here!  So if you have a favorite local food product or local celeb you’d like to put on the spot, just leave a note in the comments below!  I can’t guarantee they’ll participate, but if they don’t, we’ll talk about them, and make culinary voodoo dolls of them using various kitchen implements as needles.  Just because we’re in quarantine doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun…

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