Capital Underground Presents The Soundtrack To Armageddon


Capital Underground has been putting together some great collections of music during the pandemic. But this is the first one with Upstate New York’s Hardest Hitters.

This list is free to download and listen. But with musicians struggling by not being able to do live performances we would ask that you try to support them if possible. You can find them all on the web or Facebook.

  1. Balor – Burn The Nest 
  2. Gunther Weezul – Don’t Look Behind You
  3. Concrete – Gommorah 
  4. Scavengers – Artifacts 
  5. Violent By Design – 7 Trumphets 
  6. Faced – Laced
  7. Dead and Dying – Prophecy Of War
  8. Trigger Pig – Sands Of Time 
  9. Girth Control – Bad Things 
  10. Decay Sequence – Autopsy 
  11. Tyranize – Infectious Waste 
  12. Remains Of Rage – Sleep In Fear 
  13. Citizens X – God Is Dead 
  14. Close To Nothing – Vices 
  15. Psychomanteum – Worms Of Empire
  16. Totally Gnarly – Surf Commies Must Die
  17. Dirt Church – Sirens 
  18. Buried – Intro Last Breath 
  19. Purifier – Moodswinger 
  20. Politics Of Contraband – Work Hard, Die Young 

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