Chris’s Short Take(out): A whole new ballgame…


My, how things have changed since I posted here last.  I was on vacation in Florida when this all blew up, and wound up driving back through a country that resembled an apocalyptic Tarantino movie.  I’m currently self-isolated and will be remaining so for some time to come.  

As you all know, restaurants are closed except for taking out, but that affords us a great opportunity to try some new places, and revisit some old favorites.  My advice is to call or look up your restaurant of choice online and find out what the daily special deals may be, there are some great offers out there that you can simply pay for online and pick up at the curb.

The other night, we ordered the family dinner from the Lakeview on Crystal Lake. It was Chicken Cacciatore… do you know the last time I had Chicken Cacciatore?  Neither do I… but it was good, damned good.  Chef Mark Harrington makes a business of knocking the ball out of the park there, as is evidenced by a jammed parking lot until this hit.  Mark and the folks at this regionally legendary establishment are the example I’m going to use of an amazing local restaurant stepping up, changing with the situation, and continuing to serve the community.  Bonnie Wittmann owns the place, and she really cares about it.  The quality of the food, the service, and helping her community.  This is nothing new, she’s always felt and acted that way.  Mark has always cared about his food, and his whole back of the house crew does the same.  Wendy, Mark’s wife, and the rest of the front of the house people are invested in the concept and the community.  All you have to do to see that is walk in the door.

The restaurant business isn’t done in Nippertown… we haven’t even begun.

And this scenario is being played out in YOUR town, in YOUR neighborhood, every day.  You know the place, that place you sneak off to when you want a night off, the place that has that one dish you just LOVE, the place the kids always beg to go to?  Yeah, that one.  They’re waiting folks, waiting to serve you up the good stuff… TO GO.  So get on the phone, get on your laptop, talk with the folks and get to know them a little, you’ll be glad you did.  And then put your take in the comments below  The restaurant business isn’t done in Nippertown… we haven’t even begun.

  1. Virginia (Dee) Erickson says

    Lakeview is an institution in Sand Lake. Normally, it’s busy everyday of the week. Times are difficult at the moment for all of us, but we can take advantage of Lakeview’s great food to go. You can support them and others by buying gift cards-which you can use later or, of course, give as a gift !

  2. Diane Amyot says

    This restaurant sounds lovely but quite a ride for us to get take out. Will wait until things get back to some sense of normalcy before we go. Thank you for the referral Chris!!

  3. Christopher A Shaw says

    I’m sure you have a lovely place down by you to support! But when this clears up, Keep these folks in mind!

  4. Christopher A Shaw says


  5. Joe says

    Every time I go there the food is out of this world. The food and the atmosphere are second to none. Great small town restaurant. Keep doing the amazing job you all do. If you’re looking to try a new place this is one you won’t be disappointed.

  6. Chris Shaw says

    Thanks for your take, Joe! Be well!

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