LIVE: Midnight North and Glass Pony at The Hollow, 2/28/20


Guthrie Productions and The Hollow in Albany hosted two dynamite acts this past Friday February 28th. Glass Pony has quickly gained a solid fan base in the Capital Region with their intricate jams and groovy, high energy shows. The set was an excellent showcase of their wide range of melodies and band chemistry.

Photo by Zak Radick of Mirth Films

Starting the night with an upbeat “Something Good” guitarist, Greg Pittz, wasting no time in plucking psychedelic high chords. “Mortimer” was strictly instrumental, a serious jam and a beautiful representation of the band. It started out as a lighthearted tune with jazzy rhythm that took on a cowboy high speed chase vibe. As the tempo increase the song is suddenly a middle eastern groove before finally turning into a dreamy, relaxing melody of crescendo filled electric echoes. Guitarist Eddie Hotaling shredded the hell out of his guitar as bassist Jeff Picarazzi played it cool the entire night.

Photo by Zak Radick of Mirth Films

It’s rare to see a female drummer in the music scene, especially a talented one such as Chanda Dewey. She has impeccable timing and was a great addition on vocal harmonies. Glass Pony ended their set with a cover of “BlackBerry Brandy” as a tribute to local legends, Ominous Seapods who had an understandable influence on them.

Setlist: Something Good. Mortimer> Daydream, Check it Again and *BlackBerry Brandy * = Ominous Seapods Cover

Midnight North, the 5-piece band from California, had the venue buzzing with anticipation as they took the stage. Their sound is a classic Americana style, a blend of rock and roll with country blues but with a twist of west coast surf.

Photo by Zak Radick of Mirth Films

Front and center was Elliot Peck, lead vocalist and guitarist who has the sweetest voice, soft yet strong, similar to a young Dolly Parton. Joining Peck on lead vocals was Grahame Lesh, son of Grateful Dead’s own Phil Lesh, who had steady and smooth vocals as well as fluid guitar playing for “Roamin”. Keyboardist, Damian Calcagne, added a gospel element as he tenderly hit all the right notes for an extra lifted spirit. Connor O’Sullivan on bass guitar and drummer, Nathan Graham, were the right kind of ocean reef rhythm for “Miss M”.

The fusion of every musician together made for perfect harmonies all around. As the evening came to an end, they encored with “Green County” a sad love song about a relationship coming to an end as well. But Peck got the crowd amped up when she yelled that “This was Levon Country!” as the band erupted into The Band’s “Don’t Do It”. Midnight North perform original songs about traveling on the never ending open road, longing for home yet hating feeling bound. There’s nothing more Americana than that.

Photo by Zak Radick of Mirth Films

Setlist: Earthquakes, Playing a Poor Hand Well, Roamin’, Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning, The Sea, Everyday, The Highway Song, Long View, Midnight in Harlem, Good Days, One Night Stand, When I go Away – (Cover -The Band), Miss M, Not Alone, Under the Lights  Encore: Greene County, Don’t Do It (Cover – The Band)

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