2nd Annual Winter Art Fest


Albany Distilling Company and Albany Center Gallery partnered up for their 2nd Annual Winter Art Fest on Saturday, Feb 22nd. It was a beautiful day for the event, sunny and a welcomed 40-degree reminder that spring is close. Albany Distilling Company closed down the Livingston street for an expanded block party that served as a fundraiser for Albany Center Gallery, a local art non-profit.

The event offered something for everyone. It was heartwarming to see children dig into the buckets of chalk as they drew all over the street. The adults had slightly more fun with the ice luge, ice pong and ice shuffle board. DeFazio’s Pizzeria brought their pizza oven and were serving up trays upon trays of their delicious pizza. Local and family owned business, Worldling’s Pleasure had a table set up, dishing out samples of their gourmet cheese and spreads. The s’mores table had a steady traffic flow all afternoon, if you were lucky, you were able to find the jumbo marshmallows. If you got to the event early, you were able to catch three actresses from The Capital Repertory Theatre perform a humorous and passionate performance about Women’s Rights on the back patio.

DJ Trumastr was spinning funky favorites and well known tunes as guests explored the live art installations. Dip Soulion, Gregory Maxwell Dunn, FantaZ2000 and Jade Trash Kid could be found painting large canvas with bright colors and a recognizable style that is unique to Albany and themselves. Sean Desiree of South End Pallet Works had astonishing wood work on display, giving new life to old pallets.

Prism Glassworks was represented by Phil who created beautifully blown glass cups and sculptures for everyone to admire. Helderberg Blacksmith, Michelle Vara and Designs by Jas were demonstrating the age-old craft of bending metal and steel with sparks flying. Speaking of sparks, as the sun began to set, Acadia Rae lit up the evening with her fire performance. She spun multiple hula hoops all on fie as she gracefully wowed the crowd. The 2nd Annual Winter Art Fest was a family friendly event that shows that our community is supportive, talented and creative. 

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