Chris’s Short Take: The Hot Dog Ranch


On a pretty lousy day last week, I drove out to Pittsfield MA and happened on a place a friend of mine mentioned to me a while back, The Hot Dog Ranch. I know, I know, I don’t usually write about fast food joints, and I still don’t. This is a place whose featured special is their hot dogs. There are plenty of steaks, salads, fish, and other offerings, but today we’re talkin’ hot dogs.

I grew up in Lake George,… a pretty tough hot dog town. We had our own Charlie’s on Canada Street, Christie’s in the middle of town was no slouch, and Mr. Coonrad had a place on the first floor of the Masonic Hall on the backstreets with a pretty mean Michigan. So when I pulled into Pittsfield, I was ready to rumble.

In all seriousness, the place has a lot of local cred. It’s the kind of place you went when you were younger, a place where Mom and Dad knew everybody on both sides of the bar. The menu is much more than just dogs, but boy those little devils are tasty!

Folks in too much of a rush to sit down can grab a plate of dogs at the take out window. If you ask for “The Works” you get a mini dog with onions, mustard, and chili sauce

Sounds good to me!
Sounds good to me!

So the next time you’re in Pittsfield, maybe catching a show at the Colonial, on the way home from a day in the Berkshires, or just exploring… don’t forget the dogs!!

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