Chris’s Short Take: Unagi Sushi


I waited a bit to go to Unagi after Andy Dong , the founding sushi chef there, left. (Editors note: Andy Dong left in July of ’18.)  Transition is difficult, but what has transpired here isn’t a step forward or backward, but kind of a step sideways.  Chef Dong appeared to be founding an upscale sushi destination, most would consider his effort at least a partial success on that level.  The metamorphosized Unagi has pulled back from that position to a more moderate price point and less formal atmosphere.  A more “utilitarian” approach to sushi, if you will.  

This most recent trip there was a mid-afternoon stop well after the usual lunch hour.  Uni was a special on the board behind the sushi bar, always a good sign for me, but this simple Kiss of Fire Roll,  Spicy shrimp, cucumber, topped with spicy tuna and chili sauce was calling to me that day

The decor is still inviting,…

As is the window seating.

So what I believe we have here is a venue still in transition, hard to say which way it will wind up leaning, but for now, I enjoyed it!

Unagi Sushi
118 4th St, Troy, NY 12180 · 
(518) 326-4300

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