LIVE: Tragedy @ The Hollow, 1/31/2020


There aren’t many groups who can pull off cover songs quite like Tragedy can. This New York based hair metal band with their wide range of each member’s singing abilities makes their cover opportunities limitless. Friday night at The Hollow in Albany started off with a bang. The night opened with the band The Tradition who started off with some of their original work and in the spirit of Tragedy, played some covers of their own. The best part about The Tradition was their clear motive of being there to be able to play with friends and have a good time, feeding off of each other’s energy. There was even a friend of the band, Tommy Love, who looks uncannily like Mick Jagger, that came up to freestyle on the harmonica with them. It was a great way to get the crowd warmed up for what was yet to come.

The lights went down and the room went dark as each member of Tragedy made their way upstage, some even carrying inflatable dolls. One of the band members, Lance, the lead towel boy got up on stage in a sailor suit and played 20th Century Fox on the flute and you could see the disapproval in the other band members’ eyes that he wasn’t doing it justice. The first song was their take on “Fame” by Irene Cara mixed with some Motley Crue. Next came a rain of glitter and inflatable dolls that were passed along through the crowd as the band played a variety of hits from the ’70s and ’80s. The crowd sang along to hits such as “Africa” by Toto, “Summer Nights” from Grease, and “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton. The Hollow was all one big party and if you didn’t leave the show with glitter in your hair or your drink then you were standing in the wrong spot. Tragedy melted your face off with red hot glam metal from beginning to end.

Photo Gallery by Nick Dicocco

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