Honoring Greg: The Nippertown Legacy Continues…


Like a black cloud that precedes a tsunami, the email appeared in Nippertown contributors’ computers without a warning the day after April Fools Day.

“OK, let's do this short and not so sweet...

“A few months ago Sara and I decided that we should step down from

Nippertown at the end of May, marking the site's tenth anniversary.

“But then something happened last month which hastened our decision.
I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, which has spread to my
kidneys, thyroid and brain. I am currently in the midst of brain radiation
treatment to be followed by more, as-yet-undetermined treatments.

“We would like Nippertown to continue in some shape or form, but our

focus right now is elsewhere, obviously. So, we're throwing it open to
suggestions. Who's got ideas? Any ideas? All ideas are welcome. Who is
interested in stepping up to the plate?

“We're doing OK, but we would love to find a solution for the future of

Nippertown. Obviously, this is of some urgency. Please help if you can...

-Greg Haymes

-Sara Ayers

Within a week he was gone.

How do you replace a multifaceted genius, a man with the vision to see a webpage as a work of art equivalent to the arts we contributors reported on?

Photo: Richard Lovrich

There was no gold watch when I was dropped by the Troy Record after more than 40 years of writing about music. One of the thousands of dailies rotting from the inside out, sunken derelicts strangled by technology. Haymes saw that technology as a savior of the arts, a new guard that inspired a growing cadre of contributors who were as much artists as those they write about.

How do you replace a guy who was a performer ahead of his time in Blotto?

Ahead of his time as an arts writer?

Prescient in his vision of the future!

An inspiration to others, and specifically myself even though I’d moved on to write on music for publications around the globe!

The cliché is that “no one can replace (Fill in the blank name!).”

“He was one of a kind.”

No doubt about it. And the outpouring following Greg’s death just reinforced the cliché.

But let me pose an idea to you, the Nippertown reader. What Jim and Laura have done with Greg Haymes’ brainchild is to use Haymes’ muse to create a fresh vehicle that picks up the pieces, that soothes the broken hearts, and honors its heritage with new energies. The baton has been handed off to us. The arts of our incredible region continue to be well represented on this website.

There is no gatekeeper for journalism on the internet. Anybody can put any thing up. We are bombarded with words – I won’t honor much of what’s there as journalism. Much of it is cut and paste.

Not Nippertown. This is the heart and soul of New York’s Capital Region and beyond. And with Jim Gilbert and Laura DaPolito’s talented editing, there is a richness of presentation, the heartbeat of writers who volunteer their views of what’s relevant in our wonderful and rich community.

You hold the decision of what you read with the click of a mouse.

You’re in the right place!

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  1. Tim Byrne says

    Nicely done!

  2. Christopher A Shaw says

    That’s my friend that wrote this,…

  3. Von Haymes says

    Thank you for those sweet words about my dear brother & wonderful sister-in-law.

  4. Fred Rudofsky says

    Well said, Don!

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