Groovin’ to the hits of the Vietnam War era.


On a cold Friday night in Albany, NY a time capsule was opened at The Egg.  We were transitioned back 50 years to 1969.  I had flashbacks of seeing John (the cute guy in English class) wearing his brown suede, fringed jacket, and hoping he would notice me, and not knowing what to do if he did. 

Remembering how my friends and I celebrated Earth Day by cleaning up the fields at the high school and planting flowers.

But the most prevalent memory was that of the music.

Taylor Howes as Grace Slick

The music of the ’60s became tied to causes, opposing the established ideas of the past. Influenced by the sexual revolution, Black Power, feminism, and environmentalism.  This was the time right between the tumultuous period of the cold war and the Vietnam war.  A time when our innocence was awakened, and soon, lost.  Yet, it was also the age of enlightenment.  A time when we learned if we believed in the cause, and were willing to work for it, we could after all, truly change the world… and change it, we did.
The music was the battle cry of our generation.

Gary Weinlein continuously shows his support of veterans projects, and Friday night was one of those times.

Gary Weinlein as Jim Morrison

This was the seventh year, that Director/Producer Gary Weinlein, a lifelong Capital Region resident, has donated proceeds from his Groovin’ concerts to veteran groups:  and this year, The Gold Star Mothers & Blue Star Mothers of America, Capital Region NY2 was honored, through the power of music. 

The show had tribute artists performing the music of:

  • Eric Burdon & John Fogerty (Performed by Kris Coleman)
  • Neil Young (Scott Garling)
  • Grace Slick (Taylor Howes)
  • Mick Jagger & Robert Plant (Tommy Love)
  • Joe Cocker (Lenny Thomas)
  • Jim Morrison (Gary Weinlein)

Look for these amazing performers as they are often seen performing throughout the area, but definitely, be sure to catch this show, next time it comes around. I believe we can use a bit of the ’60s right about now! PEACE!

Photo Gallery by Stephanie Bartik

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