Timbre Coup Plays Hometown at The Hollow Nov 29


Timbre Coup is scheduled to play The Hollow Bar + Kitchen November 29th.

Formed in 2007, Timbre Coup is a progressive rock band hailing from Albany New York. The band is comprised of Dan Gerken (guitar/bass/vocals), Andrew Chamberlaine (guitar), Ben (guitar/bass) and brother Matt Pickering (drums).

In their time together as a band, the members of Timbre Coup have become a cohesive force to be reckoned with. Often compared to groups such as King Crimson and Umphrey’s McGee, this prog (or “improg”) band also has a very danceable side. ”We want people to pay attention to the details and intricacies of our songs, but we love making people dance.” says drummer Matt Pickering. ”Our music was as accepted at Camp Bisco as it was at MoeDown.”

Timbre Coup
Timbre Coup

Speaking of festivals, this young group has had the opportunity to perform at SnoeDown, MoeDown, Mountain Jam, Catskill Chill, and Camp Bisco, to name a few. Pair that with support slots for The New Deal, Brothers Past, Project/Object, Consider the Source, UMelt, etc. and there’s no wonder why these boys have been picking up so much steam on the East Coast. Since April 2012, touring has extended from the most Northeastern regions of the country, down to Savannah GA and everywhere in between. It’s only a matter of time before fans all across the US will be able to see Timbre Coup in their hometown.

With three full length albums under their belt, the band will return to the studio in early 2013 and plans on releasing a double disc album soon after. But for now, the concept album Knuckles & Valleys is Timbre Coup’s most recent release (February 23rd 2012). For a band that is known for both heavy, progressive riffs and spacey grooves, and for being able to both shred hard and create intricate upbeat melodies, Knuckles & Valleys proves to be a mature whirlwind of genres, wonderfully blended into compositions that show a band at a new height of progress and song craft.

Doors open at 9 pm. Tickets are available now.

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