Trigger Hippy Coming to Levon Helm Studios November 2


Trigger Hippy will perform on November 2nd at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, ending their break from live performances.

Trigger Hippy is a rock and soul collective founded by Steve Gorman, the longtime drummer of the Black Crowes. Trigger Hippy relaunched with a new lineup and released their sophomore album, Full Circle & Then Some on Oct. 11. The new tour highlights the sophomore album’s songs, as well as reaches back to the sounds from their first release.

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Trigger Hippy was founded in 2009 by drummer Steve Gorman and Nashville bassist and songwriter Nick Govrik, and has featured Jimmy Herring, Audley Freed, Tom Bukovak, Will Kimbrough, Jackie Greene and Joan Osborne as members over the years. The band’s self-titled debut released in 2014, featuring Greene, Osborne and Bukovac throughout, and received widespread critical acclaim. But given the longtime solo careers of Greene and Osborne, that lineup wasn’t built to last. After taking time off, the group reemerged in 2019 with a rejuvenated lineup that now includes guitarist/singer Ed Jurdi (Band of Heathens) and powerhouse vocalist/saxophonist Amber Woodhouse. The newcomers’ surge of energy and creativity embodies the music and vision that Trigger Hippy has chased since the beginning, incorporating elements of rock, Americana, blues, soul and gospel into their distinctive sound. With exceptional musicianship, passionate songwriting and three-part vocal harmonies, Trigger Hippy 2.0 feels fresh and exuberant as they write the next chapter.

There aren’t many groups founded by the rhythm section, who can change up the front line and still personify the underlying spirit of the band without missing a beat. But Trigger Hippy’s sophomore album Full Circle & Then Some, has done just that, earning acclaim from No Depression, Relix, The Bluegrass Situation, Glide and more. 

In addition to spearheading Trigger Hippy’s resurgence, Steve Gorman recently released a tell-all memoir, Hard To Handle: The Life and Death of the Black Crowes via Da Capo Press. The book gives an unapologetic look behind the incredible rise and turbulent demise of the once great American rock band.

Tickets are on sale now, and are sure to sell out. You can purchase tickets directly at their website.

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