LIVE: Perpetual Groove @ Putnam Place, Saratoga Springs 10/17/2019


Georgia jam-rock quartet Perpetual Groove continued their 2019 fall tour Thursday night with a stop at the Putnum Place in Saratoga Springs. Supporting their recently released self-titled album, their first full-length record since 2009, guitarist/vocalist Brock Butler, keyboardist Matt McDonald, bassist Adam Perry, and drummer Albert Suttle treated concert goers to an intimate performance featuring most of the new album and a healthy mix of P-Groove classics; just the right balance of something old and something new.

Albany indie-jam upstarts Glass Pony got the show going a little after 9 pm.  After a strong set of original material, some of its members would later note how significant this gig was for them, as they clearly have been long-time listeners of their jam scene elders.  After a very brief set break, P-Groove came ready to play, leaving many fans scurrying to get back inside!

An attention grabbing Holy Ship>Playground>Orange Wedge>Playground sandwich kicked of the set, followed by the capital regions first taste of the new album, an Upswing>Spirit Bear combo.  Sun Dog, Down In and an ‘erotic touch’ version of TTFPJ came next.  Rounding out the lengthy single set show was the fan favorite Teakwood Betz and a pair of two more new tunes, Break the Silence>A. Retro.

Perpetual Groove would return to the stage for a three song encore. starting with an emotional take on “Part 3”, a song which deals with the loss of Brock’s sister.  From there, the band nicely segued into a cover of David Bowie‘s “Heroes”, and finally wrapped up the memorable evening with the P-Grove classic “Space Paranoids”.

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