Chris’s Short Take: Best (And Worst!) Food of Summer 2019


Well, folks, this one is your call!  Where did you go eat this summer that really rocked your boat, on the good or bad side?  No place is too big, or too small, too plain or too fancy! 

I’ve gone from the Adirondacks to the Capital District, the Berkshires, and even out to Central NY and found places new and old, but the REAL question here  is ”Where have YOU been?”  Share your wins and losses here in the comment section and we can all compare notes!!!  I’ll start us off…here are a couple of winners!

Quang’s Vietnamese Bistro on 3rd St. in Troy, NY

Chiliquiles and Refried Beans at the legendary Old Town Mexican Café in Old Town, San Diego, CA.

Now it is your turn. Where are your favorite restaurants visited this summer in Nippertown? Share in the comments! And happy autumn!

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  1. Lori says

    Maple cotton candy at Riverside Maple Farm. Pho at Saigon Spring. Crispy stuffed tofu in Charlotte. Poutine at Turning Stone.

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