Kanatsiohareke Mohawk Strawberry Festival


The Kanatsiohareke Mohawk Strawberry Festival is an annual festival happening this year on the 29th-30th of June at the Kanatsiohareke Mohawk Community in Fonda, New York. The festival provides many different cultural experiences including traditional and modern music, dance, storytelling, silent auction, a craft fair, and food. This event happens every year at the end of June because that is when wild strawberries ripen. Known as the “Leader of the Berries” strawberries are the first to ripen and are also called “The Big Medicine” due to its heart shape and rejuvenating qualities.

Kanatsiohareke is the home of the old Mohawk clan villages. After the Revolutionary War, many of the Mohawks were pushed out of the Mohawk Valley and forced to relocate. There was a prophecy that has been past down over time that one day the Mohawks would return to the land that was once theirs. In 1993, a group of Mohawks left the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation and returned back to the Mohawk Valley in hopes of reviving their culture in the area. The community is working hard to bring back the important aspects of their culture by offering classes, workshops, conferences, and cultural exchange programs.

The hours for the event are 10 am to 6 pm for both days. Admission for adults is $5, seniors and children under twelve are $3, and children under 5 get in for free. The community and festival is drug and alcohol-free. The event is at the Kanatsiohareke Mohawk Community, 4934 State Highway 5 Fonda, NY 12068. For additional information about the festival call 518-673-4197 or email Kanatsiohareke@gmail.com.

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